Alternative SIP port 5060

I have 2 internet connections from diffirent internet providers (WAN1 and WAN2).
All our calls go through WAN1, however some Grandtream GXP-2160 phones spontaneously register via WAN2 after some time.
Whenever this happend, outbound calls can be made, the phones can be called though.
Within our VitalPBX I can see that the SIP is registered via WAN2.

Somehow I think this might have something to do with WAN2 issues with port 5060.
Although I have the same provider at other location working fine withe the same PBX.

I would like to add 5070 as an alternative SIP port, to “test” if this will make a difference/
I am running VitalPBX on Google Cloud.
Could some help me with adding port 5070 as an alternative (co-existing) port ?

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