Alert Queue Empty


One supervisor of the queues that we have in VitalPBX suggest to create an alert when the queue is empty without any menber, like by email or sms to the supervisor.

Ours Queues work 24/7 to make suportt to a critical service to the people and we just have one colaborator for each 8 hours in each queue. If for some reason the queue are empty, we would like to receive an alert.

Thanks for your attention

Until VitalPBX implements this, you can write it on your own using a custom dialplan

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Hi @PitzKey

We already have configured the Final Destination to a mobile phone.


We only want add an alert to the supervisor to know that this Queue is empty.

Could you please provide an example of this configuration? I’m new in the world of PBX’s and don’t know all the possible configurations.

I only find this article:

You will have to set this up prior to joining the queue. Something like:

You can use the Sonata Switchboard to monitor your Queues in Real-Time.

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Thanks for your advice @miguel :facepunch:

We would like to know if it has possible to receive any kind of alert when we have some of the queues empty and we aren’t with the Switchboard opened.