Agent{exten} unavailable, QAgent is idle

My queue is set to ring unavailable agents, but it’s not ringing.

When checking hints, I see that the Agent5334 hint is Unavailable, although the QAGENT hint is idle.


See below that the Agent5334 is monitoring the QAGENT hint


Tried this on multiple systems all running version 3.1.5-1 and had the same issue, tested it with the main tenant and subtenants.

Is this the same issue (see link attached)?
What is your Asterisk Version? 18.8.0 had/has issues. Downgrade possible.

@mo10 My PBX is running on Asterisk 18.6.0-2

@techisnumberone I just tested this and got the same results, but I was able to fix it by adding the QAGENT hint to the database and setting it to NOT_INUSE asterisk -x"database put CustomDevstate QAGENT NOT_INUSE"
Note: you might have to restart asterisk to register the new hint state.


So still Queue issues.

Hope VitalPBX Team can help and fix for everyone.

Issue again only for multi tenant?

The issue is on single and multi tenant systems, however, in a multi tenant environment you’ll need to add the QAGENT hint to database for all tenants (T2_QAGENT, T3_QAGENT etc…)


@techisnumberone looks like this has been fixed in 3.1.5-2

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@EINM really? Again, nothing in the Changelog about it :cry: