Add time stamp to blacklist

Hi VitalPBX devs,
Could you consider adding a date/time stamp for every IP-addres that has been banned?
Preferable also with the option to sort the IP banlist on this column (last ban first).

I would like to know how “hot” my VitalPBX is, meaning when was it last hitted by a “hacking” attempt.
Also when when sorted on date one could approximately see how much IPs are being banned per day.

Other coniderations:
Also I am thinking of a way to submit banned IP addresses to blacklist sites or to automatically send an e-mail to the owner (ISP) of the blacklisted IP address.
Having a date for every blacklisted IP address, would help to administer this and would also be handy to state when the IP address attemped to “hack” my system.

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That is exactly what I am missing!

Thanks for the suggestion. We will have it in mind for the future releases of VitalPBX.