Add REST API for CID LookUp get/update


when we support many kinds of customers. there were owns web/db systems for each tenants

so, we wish it support update cid lookup by REST APIs.

they can be manage directly when they wants.

first of all
we wish http and https method first.

Cid Lookup (example)
include did

GET /cidlookup
GET /cidlookup{id}
POST /cidlookup{id}
DELETE /cidlookup{id}

also, [DID] field such as [CIDNUM]


Well, right now you can use a phonebook as the CID source. So I would rather suggest to direct your request to allow doing these API queries to the phonebook endpoints which allows you already to do GET requests.

Yes, your right.

In some case,

we can use pop up broswer by cid lookup when calls incoming.

one method two functions

we just have a idea. but you can say is ok or not :slight_smile: