Add Provisioning model

hello, i would like to add the grandstream analog gateways and yealink w80dm dects terminals to the provisioning plugin. How is it possible? can I create the models directly in the database?

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It is not possible?

You can use any template and replace the content in the custom tab with the configuration of your device.

This is what I do today, but it is not professional to explain to the client that you have to choose a model that has nothing to do with it before selecting the appropriate template. there is also the limitation related to the number of lines. the gxw4248 gateway has for example 48 analog ports, and the dect 100 combined terminals

it would also be great to be able to launch the registration of the dect from the provisioning interface as is the case on proprietary ipbx

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a workaround could be to have one custum model per manufacturer with a very high line count. 999 for example. that can be used as a reference to create the models relating to the fxs or dect gateway

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