Add option for static provisioning server

Scenario: We provision a device from VitalPBX Endpoint Manager using Option 66 in our office. Everything works great and the device checks into VitalPBX occasionally, as expected. This allows us to make changes to BLF keys or perhaps change the extension on a particular phone.

When we take the device to another location without Option 66, we would like the phone to continue to check into the VitalPBX server for configuration changes. Without the suggested changes, the phone becomes an orphan. Still working but doesn’t know of any changes.

Suggestion: Add option to the config template to override the standard option for CFG lookup.
Force Config Server Checkbox

This is what it would change on a Fanvil phone:
Force Config Server



The XEPM add-on got deprecated in favor of the Phones’ Provisioning add-on.

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Well. I didn’t catch that before. I will investigate that and report back if this is still needed.

@miguel am I missing something in the new provisioning tool?
It doesn’t have any way to configure the buttons without manually editing the config file.

I can do it that way but it seems like a step backwards from the old Endpoint Manager.

Is there a manual out there explaining this new Provisioning Add-On?

Turns out that there may be a bug in regards to the Fanvil X4 model. There are no Key Options.
The X4U has them in the provisioning tool but the X4 does not.

Let me know if you need more information.

Server version 3.1.3-1

Thanks for the info @BrazosWiFi, we will check it.

AFAIK, the X4 and X4G are discontinued by Fanvil. X4U is the newer phones and has new features. Such as better sound quality, side screen DSS keys and many more cool stuff.

While it may not work, give it a shot to use the X4U template for the X4 or X4G. It may or may not work…