Add-ons desapear in VitalPBX Carrier Plus 4.0.1-1


We install VitalPBX Carrier Plus 4.0.1-1 and all add-ons that we want without any issues. Perfect :sunglasses: :call_me_hand:

After importing the backup file from VitalPBX Carrier Plus 3.2.3-9 to VitalPBX Carrier Plus 4.0.1-1, we lost the add-ons, as you can see in the image bellow:

All the other configurations appear ok, Extensions, Trunks, queues, Tenants.

VitalPBX 4:

VitalPBX 3

After importing the backup file and install all add-ons in VitalPBX 4, we lost this icons but the add-ons appear works if we append the name of addon in the URL


We note that Network Settings lost some inputs to configure IP’s like in VitalPBX3

  1. Have you moved the license to the new server?
  2. Under Add-ons, what happens when you click “Check Online”? Does it show installed?
  1. We request a trial License to make some tests before migrate all services in production:

  1. After click “Check Online” add-ons are ok :sweat_smile:

Thanks dude @PitzKey

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The network settings disappear after importing configs and heaven after installing VItalPBX 4 in another machine. That is any problem with synchronizations?!

Network configurations aren’t backed up.

Moreover, to configure the Network, you must use the CLI.

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