Add on - V4 on AWS Debian 11

I am trying to trial VitalPBX using V4 on AS Debian. We currently use Vodia multi tenant and are looking for other options. However, the Provisioning Core addon is not running and I cant set templates to then provision pones. If I use sudo apt-get install provisioning-core -y it tells me it is already installed …

Are you getting any errors, can you please post a screenshot?

I rebooted and there are more options now it seems, but this remains. In V3 there was a device mapping section, but I cant find it in V4? Is it related?

Is there no VitXi License Manager addon for V4? I have VitXi 4.0.2-3 but no License manager… I cant find any admin manual for V4 only V3.

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In version 4, VitXi is only activated through subscription plans.


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