Add-On Turkish Language Support


Turkish language support has been added to the Main screens for VitalPbx V4 and it is very useful. First of all, thank you for this support.

Are there any plans for this language support for other plugins (Stats, Switchboard, Recordings, etc.)?

It can be difficult to explain to customers when there is Turkish language support on the main screens and there are no add-ons :slight_smile:

A standalone cloud PBX solution like VPBX is solid, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

To scale effectively and handle NAT issues, you’ll likely require a proxy/SBC. It doesn’t have to be overly complex; a Kamailio instance facing the internet in front of the PBX can significantly improve performance in many situations. In some instances, a local device within the customer’s network may be necessary to navigate CGNAT and tight firewalls.

It’s essential to recognize that there isn’t a single solution that fits every scenario.

Hope this pave the road to your own decision.

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