add accountcode for report sonata recording & billing

Hi VitalPbx Team,

I just tried sonata recording & sonata billing.

Can the account code be added to the two reports?

Why do I really need this, because in sonata recording & billing, I can’t find out which number the customer is calling.

I will add variable information on click to call, for example

account code : 111001XXXFrans

111001 as customer_ID, XXX as delimiter, Frans as Customer Name


Hi Vitalpbx Team,

Hi Sir, this is what I expected.


If I debug the “sonata stats” query, the query that is accessed is the cdr table and this account code should be displayed in the stats and billing report

debug query

select source AS extension, uniqueid AS date, billsec from `cdr` where uniqueid BETWEEN '1668704400' AND '1668790799' and `calltype` in (3) and `source` in ('201', '202') and `tenant` = 'vitalpbx'


Hi Sir,

Is it possible? Is it this req need major changes on app Vitalpbx?


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