Access VitalPBX from mobile data

Hi, I have setup vitalpbx on raspberry pi at home and using gsm gateway as a trunk at home. My issue is when I use sip client outside my home network using mobile data it does not connect to my pbx however if I am on wifi I can connect to my pbx and dial out. What is the possible solution so I can use my sip client on mobile data while I am away. Thanks

You’ll need a VPN or expose your PBX. I’d rather go for a VPN or ZeroTier.

Hi there, thanks for the reply, could you please elaborate it bit more? When you say expose pbx is it port forwarding? I have PIN setup on outbound route so it is secure, if you can help me with that option it would be good also how can I use Zero Tier? please accept my apology for the ignorance. Thanks

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