Academy access / logo

I passed both classes in Academy (standard and advanced).
I would like to get to resources at , but the page throws me to Udemy where I have no access.
Also are there any logo/badges for this certifications?


For this would you mind sending us an email to We can send you the certificate through email, no problem.

As mentioned through an email sent to VitalPBX University users, we have migrated the course to Udemy as a better platform for educational content. The full course with activities and quizzes is located there at your convenience.

Thank you @joseph , I’ve got the cert and access to Udemy site.
There’s only one issue, namely all the chapters aren’t read/passed.
I assume this is the consequence of migration?


Yes, progress is not transferred as these are different platforms and the content was recreated and updated rather than a direct migration.

You can mark the chapters that you have already completed as done so you can recreate your progress.

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