About VitalPBX database connections

Plan to try VitalPBX on DigitalOcean. VitalPBX seems very cool, and cannot wait to try it!


I plan to use DigitalOcean’s managed database. According to DO, managed DB capacity is 1GB memory for 75 connections.

For VitalPBX, what about is database connection? A single call is one DB connection, or multiple sessions? For one call, is it a persistent db connection?


The Asterisk uses a single connection for the database.

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So it is one DB connection per call. I assume voice mail, extension to extension call are the same? How about video conference?


VitalPBX uses Asterisk as it’s telephony engine. Asterisk uses it’s in memory DB, (IIRC, SQLite) and then there’s MySQL which Asterisk uses to log CDR and CEL events, as well as what VitalPBX uses to read/write it’s configuration.

The VitalPBX installer assumes that MySQL runs on localhost ( while remote DBs are definitely doable, it doesn’t seem like it is supported right now.

Out of curiosity, why would you use a remote DB instead of one on the same VM?


Hi PitzKey,

Thanks for the reply.

While I do know database and manage some databases, I never consider myself a DB guru. As database is the most crucial part, I would prefer to put it in more competent hands.

Thanks for letting me know Asterisk has a built-in SQLite.

For a phone system, I need it to recover from all types of disaster asap. My prospective clients won’t care much with losing some call records, but will be mad if the phone doesn’t ring!

If Asterisk cannot write to the CDR DB, it will stop from processing calls. IMO, going with a remote DB will only set you up for failure

I agree. Better do backups instead of put the database anywhere.

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