About Starter License

Plan to buy a Starter License to try the system.


Is Starter License the (free) Community edition plus features listed on this page Starter License | VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System?


  • 50 Provisioning Devices.
  • Music on Hold From Streaming: It is possible to configure the music on hold obtained from an external source such as an internet radio.
  • Multiple Emails in the Extension: Possibility of adding several emails associated with the extension.
  • CEL CDR Events Report: Shows all detailed events of a call.
  • Voicemail MP3 Attachment: When a Voicemail is sent by email the audio is attached in MP3 format.
  • Multiple Emails Settings for VM: It is possible to associate a Voicemail to multiple emails.
  • Phone Books Add/Edit/Delete External Contacs: You have the ability to add, edit and delete records in the external Phonebook.
  • Time Conditions TZ Setting: Adds the possibility of associating a Time Condition to a Time Zone.

Hello Myu,

Yes, those are features that the starter license will unlock. You can see the full list of feature in the Starter License page, Starter License | VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System. It will include everything the community version has, plus all these features.

It is a single-payment USD 100.00 for the starter license.

To Register your Starter License Key, you must first log in as the super administrator. Then, on the upper right-hand corner of the user menu, when you click on it, you will see the option “Register License”. Once you click on that, you will see a form to register your License.

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