*32 blacklist... Where?

Does anyone know where numbers blacklisted via *32 are stored?
The numbers do actually get blocked, but are not present in the ombu_blacklist table. I need to view the whole list of blacklisted numbers for a tenant.

What version of VitalPBX is this?

Do you have a Call log from Asterisk CLI?

Carrier Plus 4.0.6-3.

There isn’t any log per se, I’m just trying to find out where the blacklisted numbers are stored. I have a customer asking for a list of numbers they have blacklisted but I cannot find them.

You can see them in the Blacklist module (PBX / Tools / Blacklist).

So they’re not there. The numbers ARE blacklisted. If they blacklist someone’s cell phone to test, that number is blocked on next call. But the number doesn’t show up in the blacklist module. That is why I’m trying to learn where this list created by *32 is stored.

Get a lo from Asterisk CLI for further analysis!

Blacklisted numbers with *32 were never stored there.
Tested this about a year ago.

Looks like *32 uses the asterisk blacklist function:

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