2 issues on v4 possible natting issue? vitxi and mobile

I’m new to vital so don’t drag me too hard :slight_smile: . I’m more of a 3cx user at the moment.

I’ve got vultr hosting a v4 server for me with a carrier license just installed tonight. I’ve got the firewall wide open allowing all ports to a static public ip (obviously just for the time being to get this working right). No natting really needed on the vultr side I imagine? Not sure…

I’ve tried following this video Preparations to Install VitXi WebRTC on VitalPBX - YouTube as well as the guide found here: http://repo.vitalpbx.org/vitalpbx/manuals/VitXiGuideEN.pdf .

I’ve created 2 extensions. 1 for the android vitalpbx mobile app and one for the webrtc vitxi google app.

When I’m behind my Sophos XGS firewall - My vitalpbx mobile app just says “503 server failure” and will not work. I’ve analyzed my Sophos logs and nothing is blocking the traffic. I feel like this is a natting issue somehow possibly on the PBX side. Anywhere in vital I can change a setting to accommodate for this?

When I’m on my Verizon 4g internet - Everything works perfectly.

My vitxi app just says “Sending registration…” then “Unregistered”. It’s behind my Sophos on my desktop pc so I’m guessing the reason might be the same as my mobile app.

No idea where to go about starting troubleshooting on this. Would love some tips on that like where to find logs and such.


Did you follow the instructions from the link below?

Do you have a valid domain assigned to your PBX with a valid certificate?

Did you open the Mini-HTTP-Server ports (8088-8089)?

Yes and yes. I’ve used a few different ssl testing sites to verify the chain should be good as well. Right now the firewall that vultr provides is wide open as far as what ports to allow. The only firewall blocking anything would be internal to vital and those ports appear to be properly allowed per documentation.