2 Digit Prefix?


we have multiple outbound routes with prefixes:

Prefix 1 Pattern X.
Prefix 2 Pattern X.
Prefix 9 Pattern X.

This was working fine till we also wanted Prefix 10. Because with this it will use Prefix 1 and an additional 0 is being used when the numbers is dialed.
But Prefix 10 is wanted

Who can help, please?


That prefix is ambiguous! So, it would be best to be more specific about your patterns.

What is the difference between “1X.” and “10X.”? You can use that difference for the system to distinguish between them.

Thanks for the reply.

There is not really a difference in the Patterns.
Its just for different CIDs when dialing out (different Company names and numbers).

Prefix is important so it gets cut off when dialing out.

I have tried Prefix 10 and Pattern 10X. but it was not working. It stillt uses Prefix 1 instead of 10.

Again, it’s ambiguous because “1X.” matches"10" and any number after that.

So, you should find or define a difference between them, or use another prefix. Instead of 1, you can use 01, 02… and that will make a difference. Or use the number length as the difference.

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