1 Extension, Multiple Endpoints?

This feels like a newb sort of question, but here goes.

I’m running VitalPBX 4.0.7-3.
I’ve got a Grandstream GXV3275 at my desk.
Most of our staff has GXP2170’s at their desks.

I’d like to be able to run VitalPBX Communicator 2.5.9 on my desktop computer in addition to my physical phone. The reasoning is that I’d like for staff to be able to use it to respond to SMS messages sent to our business phone line, and I’d like it to be available for chat between staff. However, I don’t want to create more than one extension per user. So, is it possible to have a “primary” endpoint (my physical phone) and a “secondary endpoint” (the soft phone application)?

Thanks, all!

You can have multiple devices per extension. You can also increase the max contacts and register additional phones.

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