Work Number always in the same Time Conditions


I had created this time condition:


and I want that a number just can be called in Tuesday or Thursday between this hours (14h-17h) and than forward to a external mobile phone number.

If someone call to this number out of this condition, they would listen a record sound.

How can I do it?

I see this option “Time Conditions”, but I don’t want toggle. I want that the condition “Time Group” stay allways without changes.


This is my code in Asterisk that I’m migrate to VitalPBX.


I’m open to listen all possible suggestion.


The picture you show is a time group, not a time condition.

Create a time condition and tie it to the above time group.

Match destination send to a custom destination or an extension with followme that calls the cellphone. Non-match send to an announcement or IVR.

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Hi @PitzKey ,

I created a time condition as you suggested:



with this inbound route:


But the call don’t reach the destination.



from other extension 7500X have the same issue:


It is mandatory to have an extension registered with the number assigned with this inbound group …90?


I have a IVR with a number that have no assigned to any extension and it works without any issues

We will need a full call trace.

From the command line

grep C-00000065 /var/log/asterisk/full >> /tmp/C-00000065

Upload the content from /tmp/C-00000065 to and share the link here.

What is 28890? It seems like it is either nothing, or it is in a different COS than 75005

It is a number that is assigned to a call service that I’m migrate from my old Asterisk to my VitalPBX.

I have this IVR with number 75099 that hasn’t any extension associated and works without problem.


I have my VitalPBX connected to my old Asterisk but I don’t have any Outbound route pattern that mach this 28890

First you need to dial something that calls this Time Condition. You can use a Custom Application if you calling from internal.

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Hi @PitzKey,

I did it and I listen the announcement when time no matches, Thanks!

If I change the day condition to ring in the phone and answer the call, I carry on linsten the a announcement.

It is necessary any reboot of service or other change?

Show us a screenshot of the configuration and please provide a call trace via pastebin.


I had change the destination in Custom Application to Time Condition instead of announcement and works


Issue of beginner :sweat_smile:

After change the port number from 5060 to 5061 my extension is registered



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