What is the timeline of moving off CentOS 7

This might be on the old forum somewhere, but I hated using that setup.

Simple question, what is the timeline for officially supporting something else? RHEL or other, just supported and modern.

Debian was mentioned in Telegram by a user (not Vital staff) as something that this was being ported to.

I don’t care what, just need a timeline.

Hi Jared,

We expect to release VitalPBX 4 with debian in the next IT-EXPO.


IMO: Debian is a good choice. We run our Kamailio servers on Debian.


For anyone not familiar with the conference, that means February 2022.

Thanks @miguel

So, will there be a tested backup and restore functionality? I will be helping someone roll out a multi-tenant setup next month. I really do not want something that is planned to be in place for years to be running CentOS 7 for all of those years.

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