Voicemail Hints no longer work

After updating to Version 4 (then updating today to the latest update) I find that the voicemail hints - of the form “vm_xxxx” where"xxxx" is the extension number - are no longer working.

A message is in Voicemail Box 2442, yet the device lamps do not indicate it. So I executed the command CORE SHOT HIMT vm_2442 and the following showed on the console:
mercury66*CLI> core show hint vm_2442
vm_2442@extension-hi: MWI:2442@vitalpbx-vo State:InUse Presence:not_set Watchers 3
1 hint matching extension vm_2442

Has something changed? Previously in VitalPBX 3, the hints would work, and the lamps on the phone set to monitor the hints would light.

Why don’t you use *97 to subscribe to the VM?

Thanks for youor reply. We have always used vm_xxxx on BLF keys in Extension boards on gxp phones where the particalur phone does not necessarily have that e3xtension in the line keys. On pressing an illuminated key it took us to the Voicemail prompt. This has worked since VitalPBX Version one and ceased working in Version 4. I want to know was this intentional or is it a bug.

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