Vitxi extension not registering


I’m having issues with getting an extension to register on VITXI VITAL4. All settings are the same as they are on Vital 3 where it’s working however, I am noticing that on the add-ons only Vitxi is listed/installed. “VitXi Licensing Server” is not installed and or showing up on VITAL4.

I do notice that when logging into VitXi, the page doesn’t always load right away. I’ve tried reinstalling VitXi with no different results showing.

Could that be the issue why the extension is not registering?



The VitXi Licensing server is deprecated and isn’t required anymore.

About your issue,

  • Re-check your settings
  • Check the Asterisk Logs in the Asterisk CLI

licence is mendatory ? cannot have one vitxi free in VIT 4 ?