VitXi 4.0.4-2 websockets error on get_calls

VitXi on Android and Windows 11 works well; using it for outbound only.

VitalPBX 4.1.0-1 on arm64 (latest vs -5 on amd64 ?), PBX Engine 18.16.0, kernel 5.10.0-30.

Since (or around) the last Let’s encrypt certificate renewal the call history doesn’t work anymore. The throbber spins for a couple of minutes and then it briefly shows: “Error: websocket request timed out for event get_calls”.

Note that everything else is functional.

I tried (to no avail):

vitalpbx apply-firewall
/usr/share/vitxi/backend/artisan websockets:ssl-config
systemctl restart vitxi

and /usr/share/vitxi/backend/.env looks alright to me.

Any suggestions?

Screenshot 2024-06-22 155912

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This issue was resolved by upgrading VitalPBX to v.4.1.0-6 and VitXI to v. 4.1.0-0.

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Perfect. If you have any other problems, feel free to open a new topic.