VitalPBX somestimes send wrong phonenumber to Cidlookup

We are using CIDLookup to display de name of our customers when they call.
However I noticed tah when some numbers when we get calls from numbers starting with 0180…,
the first number is relayed to us by VitalBX.

So when 0180515055 clas up, or CallerID script gets the number as: 180515055.

All our areacodes start with 0 and the total number length (+ area code) should always be: 10 digits.
This removal of lead 0 (to my knowledge) is only with numbers starting with 0180…

Is this an VitalPBX bug or is this some unknow feature :grinning: to me ?

There’s a chance that you configured a Caller ID Modifier in your inbound route that removes the Zero from your DID.

Try sharing your inbound routes for further analysis.

I am not using any Caller ID Modifier. On the my Inbound Routes the Caller ID Modifiers is set to “none”. CID Pattern is empty. This is voor all our Inbound Routes.

When our VitalPBX sends the query to my PHP page the number to do the lookup, the number is send without the leading zero.
This seems only to be with 0180xxxxx numbers.

When I lookup this numbers within CDR, I must search them also without the leading zero.