VitalPBX Provisioning overwrite template issue


I am using the VitalPBX Phone provisioning module, specifically for Fanvil X4 devices.
When provisioning a device that is using a template and enabling the “Overwrite template” option on a DSS key, the overwrite does not occur after reprovisioning the device.

Can someone please help with this issue?

Thanks and Best regards, Klemen

Thank you for reporting the issue

We’ll analyse it and keep you updated

Please go to the template section and on the custom tab replace the following

@foreach($sideKeys as $key)
    SoftFkey{{ $loop->iteration }} Type :{{ $key['type'] ?? null }}
    SoftFkey{{ $loop->iteration }} Value :{{ $key['value'] ?? null }}
    SoftFkey{{ $loop->iteration }} Title :{{ $key['title'] ?? null }}

@foreach(array_chunk($dssKeys, 6) as $chunk)
--Dsskey Config{{ $loop->iteration }}--:
    @foreach($chunk as $key)
        Fkey{{ $loop->iteration }} Type :{{ $key['type'] ?? null }}
        Fkey{{ $loop->iteration }} Value :{{ $key['value'] ?? null }}
        Fkey{{ $loop->iteration }} Title :{{ $key['title'] ?? null }}
        Fkey{{ $loop->iteration }} ICON :{{ $key['icon'] ?? 'Green' }}

@Klemen will you test an report back? Thanks

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