VitalPBX Connect Multi Tennant Issues

I am having and issue with VitalPBX connect using multi tenant. I want to make sure I am not doing something improperly or missing a step.

I purchased 10 licenses and on my primary tenant it works fine. In the sub tenant I have two issues.

  1. The send email button is missing - This is a minor issues.
  2. Resolved found the place in the tenant setting where I can assign the licenses to the tenant ---- Once I add the device, either by toggling the mobile client switch on extension or by pressing +Add New Device in the VPBX Connect Devices page, if I try to make any changes on the extension page I get this error : You are not allowed to add more than 0 mobile devices. Please, get in contact with your PBX provider.

When I scan the qr code the app does connect and it seems like I can use it. Also in the VPBX settings page the licenses usage count does increase.

You must assign the number of allowed VPBX Connect devices in your Tenant Settings.

Thanks I figured that out. However the email option is still not there

Probably, you are not seeing the icon or haven’t configured the e-mail settings.

maintenant QR Code
Tennant QR Code

I blanked out the QR codes. The main tenant shows the email button. The sub tenant does not.

When i go to the email settings in the tenant, it has the same info as the main tenant. Is there another email setting I am missing?

Here is the SMTP settings in the sub tenant

  1. The e-mail settings are global. So, you should avoid sharing global modules with sub-tenants.
  2. For the Welcome e-mail option, you must define an e-mail address(es) per extension.

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