VitalPBX communicator-BLF

I have one question about the Vitalpbx communicator, problem that I have is when I make BLF keys, save them and then close the program after the work, the next time I open it again, these keys are no longer saved, but deleted.

Can you help me please, because our customer is using it and we need to resolve it quick.

Tnx and Br

What version of Communicator do you have?


I have the latest version 2.4.9

It is not possible to reproduce the scenario, in our case it always stores the BLF information.
Remember that it is very important that the application is not under the Windows Program Files directory. It should be installed in its default directory.

For any doubt, we invite you to download version 2.5.2 in the following link.

You can also test the beta of version 3 in the following link:

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