Vital as an external recording / smdr agent

Hi Team, Good day to all!

I would like to know if this is possible.

I have a costumer that needs “out of band” basic SMDR and call recording and need some tracking for certain Numbers

Basically they want to have a SMDR record of all outbound and inbound calls from a particular Telephone Number. (TN)

Example TN: 999-123-4567 (1) dials 888- 123-4567 (2)

When 999-123-4567 dials 888-123-4567 the Session Border controller routes the inbound call (1) to a Vital Box and then the Vital Box , Bridges or just forwards the call is rerouted to the customer PBX (2) branch and vice versa

caller DID is 999-123-4567 → Session Border Controller → Vital Box → Customer destination 888-123-4567

Customer dials 999-123-4567 → Session Border Controller -Vital Box → 999-123-4567


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