V4.0.0.8 Yealink Provisioning Custom Button alters the value entry

If you define a Custom Button on a Yealink Template, the value box gets altered
For example we have used the following CUSTOM KEY VALUE in a custom button for years with the older Endpoint Manager
The mac config should return something like this
linekey.4.line = 1
linekey.4.type = 73
linekey.4.value = ***$P&N$$Trefer$

On the new Provisioning it returns this
linekey.4.value = ***$P<Mail Box Number>&N$$Trefer$

What is this exactly? What are you trying to do? List all the features you need with clear examples.

This is a function for yealink phones to do a voicemail transfer key
This is accomplished by creating a Custom Key and assigning this value
The issue is that in the new provisioning module for yealink if you assign a Custom Key the provisioning alters the value in the mac config file. I would assume it sees some of the characters as a variable as it is processing the entry.
I can work around it by assigning the value manually in the Custom Screen of the Provisioning template.
I was just reporting the issue that the value is altered in the mac config file created by the Provisioning module when setting up a Custom Key and entering special characters
This entry

Outputs this incorrect value