Unidirectional Voice During Incoming Calls


I am experiencing a problem with incoming calls. Indeed, with each call, the voice goes in one direction and not the other (unidirectional voice). I have configured NAT in the “PJSIP Settings,” checked the firewall rules, attempted port forwarding, but I must admit that I am a bit stuck.

Outgoing calls work without any issues, as do internal calls. I captured a “communication” and indeed observed that the RTP packets are only going in one direction.

I am a bit stuck on this problem which is paralyzing. I am reaching out to you for help in understanding where the problem is coming from.

Where’s the server hosted?

Are you using the right external address on the PJSIP Settings?


1-The server is hosted on my local network.

2- The address I am using is the public IP address of my router.
External Media Adress : [public IP]
External Signal Address : [public IP]

You would have to describe your network and provide a full SIP trace

I apologize for my late response.

The VitalPBX server is hosted on a Proxmox virtual machine, similar to the configuration described here:

VitalPBX is not accessible from the outside at the moment but internally yes (for tests).

I am attaching the entire SIP trace :

From the Asterisk CLI enable PJSIP logging.

pjsip set logger on

Reproduce the issue and using pastebin, please share the call trace


Here is the trace of the call! (I hope I’m not mistaken):

This is missing the whole SIP dialog.
Perhaps you can share your wireshark pcap as txt

I’m sorry I forgot part of the trace…

Yes I can share the wireshark capture:

wireshark trace sip.txt (1.2 MB)

This is really hard to read.

Please do as initially requested.

Please provide a call trace with PJSIP logging enabled

Indeed !
Here is the trace requested previously!
(If I have made another mistake or forgotten something, don’t hesitate to tell me so that I can correct it):

It is missing the beginning of the phone call.

Also, I am very confused. Can you please explain the different IP addresses and “hidden IPs”? (Looks like this is the PBX LAN)

It looks to me like there are remote phones?


[Hidden IP] : Public adress of the trunk : Public IP of the router : IP address of the operator : IP address of the trunk : IP address of the SIP phone