Trunk with Dinstar Devices

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I hope you all are doing fine. Wanted to know that is there anyone who has done trunk settings with Dinstar devices?

I have a dinstar device UC100 which is a small PBX device with 2 FXO ports, can act as a PBX and register phones also. But I want to make it a trunk i.e. to make calls via my Vitalpbx. Has anyone does anything like that ?
I need help in this. Please reply

Try to register a PJSIP Trunk as an extension on UC100, then forward incomming calls from FXO to that extension.

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I mean. Wow. that was easy and creative from your side

I am very thankful to you. Best Best Wishes and regards

I hope you are doing great.

I am able to make outbound calls but incoming is not working. Currently I am setting it up just to send the call to one extension, but the call just drops automatically after 2 seconds and never rings.
The dinstar device says MANDATORY_IE_MISSING
but there is nothing shows in asterisk logs when I check via
asterisk -rvvvvv

anything I am doing wrong ?
These are the settings in Vitalpbx

Please help.

@lmoreira Brother, please do reply. I am stuck :frowning:

Fill the match field for incoming calls. You have to place the host or IP to match the incoming traffic.

Dear Miguel
Thank you for your reply. but I am not able to understand it.

my UC 100 IP is and vitalpbx is

they are routed. What IP should I put in?

call_trace-UC100- 00_52_25.txt (63.3 KB)

Please help. The attached file is my call trace from UC100.

You have to place the UC 100 IP on VitalPBX, in the field “match”

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