Tenant Phone Provisioning

When creating new tenants, I can not get any of my phones to provision on that tenant. I can provision them on the main tenant with no issues.

When I copy the URL for the specific tenant and put it in the phone, the phone will get the configuration: wallpaper, BLF keys, account, etc. However, on the grandstream it says “account not registered” on the Yealink it says “registration failed” when you look at the account on the phone itself.

So, the phone is reading the provisioning file but is not getting register, is that what you meant?

Can you share a screenshot with the Account Information loaded in your phone device?

Yes that is what I meant. It won’t register.

If I log in to the phone and look at the account 1 it just says “registering” and on the screen of the phone it shows the account icon flashing.

Well, verify the account data and try to find a hint about the issue.