Tenant Creation Emails

It used to be sent as soon as a tenant was created.

Now, it is being sent after you reboot the PBX


Make sure that Postfix is up and running.

I did a test in one of our servers with the latest version and seemed to be working as expected. A small detail is that I got the email in the Junk folder.

Creating Tenant


OK, here’s a better understanding of the issue:

  • We fill in the information for the new tenant
  • We click save
  • The progress bar never finishes
  • We reload the web page, it looks like the tenant was created, but to be sure we click save again.
  • This time the progress bar completes and we reload config
  • We can now create everything under the tenant but we have never received the welcome email.
  • Now, when we reboot the PBX, as soon as it starts up it sends the welcome email.
  • We checked the /var/log/maillog prior to rebooting and it has zero information about the email.
  • Right after bootup we see in /var/log/maillog that it sent the email on the first try.

So my guess is, that there’s some script that fails to complete and it only running one bootup…

I think your issue is related to Postfix. In the source code, the Email is sent during the Tenant creation. However, if the postfix servcie is stopped or configured, then the email will never arrive.

Postfix is running fine and sending emails the entire time.

As mentioned, it looks like the creation script is hanging and only completes after a reboot.

Would you be bale to tell me what script is called so I can check the processes if it is still hanging?

There’s no such thing as a script. It is just the mail function of PHP. As I told you, It seems to be an issue with your Postfix configurations.

Again, the email arrives, but only after rebooting the server. And as mentioned, postfix is running and is processing voicemails and different kind of emails while the new tenant email is not sent.

So… There must be some process that is not being completed until we reboot the server.

As I mentioned above, the progress bar never ends, so there must be something hanging…