Teams Integration not working after following guide

Hi there,

I have followed the very thorough guide here, Integrate VitalPBX With Microsoft Teams and while I followed all the steps I had to make some adjustments as some of the CLI commands have been depreciated since the guide was written, is a more up to date guide for Teams integration in the works?

For information, the MS Teams trunk on VitalPBX seems happy that it is connected to Teams, but Teams in reporting (with the image below), and when I call 3000 or 3100 as per the guide, I get a voice telling me that all outgoing lines are currently unavailable, please try again later. I am fairly sure that is coming from Teams because if I close the ports off on the firewall, I get silence then the call hangs up.


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Make sure you have a valid domain and certificate and open port 5061 on your firewall side.
Sometimes Teams takes a while to validate the connection, you have to be patient.
Did you configure the trunk on the VitalPBX side with the MS-Teams profile?

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