T26P shared voicemail linked to message button

I have a T26P Yealink.

I have 4 Extensions 201-204. I want to share the 201 mailbox wit 202-204.

I put the Hint button in the voicemail tab of 201 which generates vm_201 in which I put into the Account > Advance > Mail box field of each of the 4 sip phones. The proprietary “Message” Button all go to the voicemail at 201 of each phone but the phone 202-204 do not illuminate when there are voicemails and there is no message on the screen telling how many voicemails there are. Is there some way to do this? IF I use a BLF it does work but without the screen notice but I would like to use the Message button if possible

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I have a similar issue. Anyone have any ideas on this?

According to Joe M. Blf is the only solution that they can provide currently

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