Sonanta billing - incorrect reports and nothing calllog


I move from v3 to v4. carrier plus plan,
there are some issues on sonata-billing.

  1. after login there is no calllog print such ad today call log.
  2. generate reports incorrect duration value.

maybe, i think is cdr schema was chage in v4.

What’s the error with call duration? The total seems ok.

About today’s call, I did a quick test using version 4.0.0-2, and I see no error.

It seems to could not get data from cdr db.

v3(3.0.4-6) to v4(4.0.0-2)

like this


Did you sync the extensions and trunks?


It comes from my cdr mess.

It working now.

thanks for hints

NO~ Way

It is again…um.

someday today calllog is OK

sosomeday today calllog is not OK.

any hints

According to your last screenshot, the call log didn’t show nothing because the extensions were not synced.

Moreover, the call log will only show the calls made or receive by the synced extensions. In short, if the call wasn’t answer by an extension, it won’t be shown.

In any case, we will check the source code for further analysis.

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