Solved: How do I set up a FQDN for my instance?

Hello, we are new to VitalPBX and are experimenting with it in our lab.

I can’t find much information about FQDN settings oddly. Where is that setting? We are testing the Community version. We might try the 100$ starter addon. We are self-hosted on Digital Ocean, installed via the marketplace.

Thank and our apologies for this basic question :blush:

What exactly is your question? What are you trying to achieve?

If you want your domain name to be used in your url, you need point your DNS servers to your server, which is done externally from your PBX.

Once you have that done you can create your ssl certs in the Vital web interface in order to be used.

Create an LE cert

Fill the form with your values

Then apply the newly created cert to the web server

Yes, that’s what I was looking for. Other similar PBX platforms like one based in Cyprus take care of the FQDN and certificates for you. (that could be good and bad). I was able to figure out what I needed with your explanation. Truly appreciated.

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