Queue calls ringing multiple extensions

Has anyone had problems with queues ringing to multiple phones in the office, even if they aren’t a member of the queue?

For example, we have extensions 100, 113, 200, 104 and 120 in the queue. When a call comes in, it will ring to the three extensions, plus 106, 111, 107. If a user at these three extensions answers the call, all they get is dead air. The call appears to be disconnected. When I look at the CDR reports or the Sonata Stats, I don’t see any reports of the calls hitting those extensions.

VitalPBX Starter 3.2.1-1
Asterisk 18.10.0-1
DAHDI 2.11.1-7
Polycom VVX series phones configured with PJSIP

Q10 has 0 calls (max unlimited) in ‘ringall’ strategy (11s holdtime, 71s talktime), W:0, C:473, A:71, SL:0.0%, SL2:0.4% within 0s
200 (Local/200@queue-call-to-agents/n from hint:200@extension-hints) (ringinuse disabled) (Unavailable) has taken 81 calls (last was 56275 secs ago) (login was 1099643 secs ago)
104 (Local/104@queue-call-to-agents/n from hint:104@extension-hints) (ringinuse disabled) (Not in use) has taken 2 calls (last was 62690 secs ago) (login was 1099643 secs ago)
100 (Local/100@queue-call-to-agents/n from hint:100@extension-hints) (ringinuse disabled) (Not in use) has taken 339 calls (last was 321696 secs ago) (login was 1099643 secs ago)
120 (Local/120@queue-call-to-agents/n from hint:120@extension-hints) (ringinuse disabled) (Not in use) has taken 4 calls (last was 1101957 secs ago) (login was 1099643 secs ago)
113 (Local/113@queue-call-to-agents/n from hint:113@extension-hints) (ringinuse disabled) (Not in use) has taken 45 calls (last was 319689 secs ago) (login was 1099643 secs ago)
No Callers


tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full >> /tmp/myfile

Reproduce the issue, press Ctrl + C when done, upload the content of myfile to pastebin.com and share the link here.

See below.

I also added a photo of what the phones show.


Isn’t 113 supposed to be getting the call?

Yes, that is correct, 113 is supposed to get the calls. However, the picture is extension 220. When a call comes in to the queue, this shows up on all phones that are connected on the network.

Ok I see. This is a BLF visual indicator… Any call that comes in to 113 you can press “pickup”.

You can disable it on the phone


It looks like removing the following code from the provisioning templates. Thanks for your help!

    @foreach ($dssKeys as $key)
        @if (in_array($key['blf_type'] ?? null, ['normal', 'automata']))
            attendant.resourceList.{{ $loop->iteration }}.label="{{ $key['label'] ?? null }}"
            attendant.resourceList.{{ $loop->iteration }}.address="{{ $key['address'] ?? null }}"
            attendant.resourceList.{{ $loop->iteration }}.type="{{ $key['blf_type'] ?? null }}"
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