Question about VPN

Hello there,
I am trying to setup OpenVPN with vitalPBX folloeing this guide:
Ultimate guide on Securing VitalPBX On The Cloud And Everywhere! | VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System
There it says:
Now, if we close all the ports, how do we connect to our VoIP provider ?. Well, the only thing that we will have to do in this case, will be to allow the IP / Domain of our provider in the firewall with the desired ports.

When I try to add theres rules into the firewall it says “Rule source address must be valid or empty (any)”

Only if I add an IP address it is accepting the rule.

Can you confirm that?


Hi, yes, only ips are allowed. No dns-names.

Ok, thanks. The guide should be corrected then, since the example pictures shows DNS names

Why are domains not allowed in Firewall anymore? Did domains ever work?

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