Push server registration on vpn client base user not working

i am trying to register my 1XXX EXT on vital server through Open vpn client and server side vpn server enabled with required parameters. i am trying to login on Vitalpbx Mobile local server Ip ( with vpn client settings that i created on open vpn server client option for viatlpbx mobile and the problem is when i focus my vitalpbx mobile app i got registered with local ip of vpn server assigned to me and it works as soon i close my app it does not work with push notification ip registration on server side. Anyone who could help related this issue
Push Serve Ip white listed and working perfectly without VPN
It is only happen when i try to use VPN client in this case push notification registration does not work with vpn client

From what I understood, the push server pulls the server address from the app. So if your app registers against a local IP (in this case via VPN) then there’s no way for the push server to access it…

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