Provisioning yealink (or others) with open vpn?

Has anyone figured out how to provision yealink phones on vitalPBX with an openvpn config? I’m wanting to completely isolate a cloud hosted vitalpbx instance exposing only inbought SIP from my provider’s IPs and having all endpoints tunneled with openvpn.

Purpose is security and elimination of all potential NAT issues.

I’d really like to be able to use yealink’s device management to push the provisioning address for vitalpbx and have the phone pull it’s configurations and openvpn config essentially automated. would allow me to drop ship phones in.

Unfortanelty, this feature is not available yet. I will pass this requirement to the development team. Hopefully, this will get integrated soon.


This would be a really incredible feature. Especially if there was a button right in provisioning that would create the file and insert the two lines in config for it.

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