Phonebooks - A couple of questions

Hi All,
First post on the forum and as a few people have mentioned looks great.

We are looking to setup a MT environment (currently running community for testing) and I have a couple of questions around Phonebooks.

1.) Do the Phonebooks work with MT? Ours only work with the Main tenant but I suspect this is community license related.
2.) Can a user/extension be given permissions to update and maintain the Phonebooks? We have a lot of 3CX clients who do this and to have to manage this for them is no go from a support point of view.

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  1. IIRC, it is available on MT for each tenant. But I may be wrong.

  2. You can create a user tied to a profile that has limited permissions to the phonebook section only.

Hi @PitzKey,
Thanks for the reply. Will request a trial licence to test that out with MT.

Will also look into the profile with limited permissions… That makes sense… Hoping it is in the User Portal but just the ability anyway would be fine.



@ontel_simon, you can allow/disallow modules for tenant users editing the profile attached to them. The default profile for tenant users is “Tenant Administrator”, so you can edit this role to allow the phonebook module.

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