Page schedule issue (days of week)


there is some error paging schedule in /etc/cron.d/paging-n…

we we set include sunday , system auto geranated 0(zero).

but it should be “1”

[my example] (third line from wendday to sunday)

0 18 * * 2-6 root /usr/share/vitalpbx/scripts/paging “7be69580e27641df” “1”

0 19 * * 3 root /usr/share/vitalpbx/scripts/paging “7be69580e27641df” “1”

0 20 * * 3-0 root /usr/share/vitalpbx/scripts/paging “7be69580e27641df” “1”

[log print]
(CRON) bad day-of-week (/etc/cron.d/paging-1)

Please provide a screenshot from the configuration in the GUI.

스크린샷 2021-11-24 오후 10.51.01

스크린샷 2021-11-24 오후 10.51.40

You need to make that rule Tuesday - Saturday (instead of Sunday) and then create a new rule for Sunday - Sunday.

I will try

Please let us know if it worked.

hi PitzKey
It Worked, thanks