Outbound routes - matching letters

can I match on letters in outbound route?
Typically a name of a customer, which then gets removed and the number will be dialed.

If I call this: CUSTOMER0894759xxxxx
I want that the outbound route recognizes the CUSTOMER, strips it and dials the number 0894759xxxx


You can use [a-z] for lowercase and [A-Z] for upper case.

Thank you.
Have you sucesfully tested or used such scenario?
Do you have an example of what comes in what field in the outbound rule?

Have not tested it, but it would work the same as [0-9] but with letters.

Vitalpbx both versions (3&4) till now is not able to matching letters (a-z) but it can match only digits in inbound and outbound rules however asterisk supports letters. you will need to submit a ticket with enabling matching letter in inbound and outgoing rules .

It probably should be reported as a bug, and not a feature request as it looks like its implemented on the GUI and possibly not on the backend.

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Thank you for your feedback.
Thats a good idea.

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