One way audio sometimes, some other times the call establishes good

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We’re new to VitalPBX, we have the community version installed, we noticed that when making calls some of them establish great without any issues at all, but then after 5 seconds we try another call to the same number and the call fails with only one way audio and some other time no audio at all.

Does someone knows if this has to do with the limitation of being the community version?

Do we need to license the product so all calls can establish with no issues at all?

FYI - We have a Cisco Router 1900 series with no firewall or policies applied.

Waiting on your response, Thanks!

No limitations on the Community version except the paid modules and limited extensions

The one way audio occured usually from NAT issues the RTP traffic goes on one way
So check the NAT confugration between the devices and the PBX your issue will resolve

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