New Name in Vitxi 'Group' is Wrong

We have a user who is part of a Group.
By request, we changed her first name (Kristine) to her preferred name (Kit).
We did this on both VitalPBX (server) and Vitxi (webrtc).
Her name now appears as Kit everywhere… “except” for the Group that she’s in on Vitxi Webrtc.
Within her Group, you can still only find her as ‘Kristine’ but, everywhere else in Vital & Vitxi, you can find her as ‘Kit’.

How do we fix it?

In VitXi, was the “name” or the “username” changed?

The ‘name’.
The username, for everyone, is their email address.

I have not been able to reproduce the issue. I have updated the name of a user and in the list of users of the group to which it belongs, the updated name appears.

Can you check if you have the latest version (1.0.6-2) installed of VitXi?

We are scheduled to update that tonight, after working hours.
I’ll let you know tomorrow.