New Fax email even when failed


latest 3.1.1-3 with latest fax-addon:
On incoming Fax it sends an e-mail “You have received a new Fax” even if it was just somebody accidentally dialing the fax-number. Only way to differentiate: It will not have an attachment (PDF).


Can you please make it an option to sent an email if incoming Fax failed?


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Hello @miguel ,

did you guys see this?

Thank you!

Yes, we are aware of this issue. The fix to it comes in the next release of VitalPBX.

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You guys are awesome! Thanks.

This issue got addressed on VitalPBX 3.1.3



So what changed when you write:
“Virtual Faxes: Incoming faxes were arriving via email without attachments.”

Original problem was:
“Incoming Fax-Email when somebody accidentally dialing the fax-number”