"Need Reload" cause high cpu load

“Need Reload” cause high cpu load with Firefox and Chromium.
After clicking “Need Reload” the cpu load is back to normal.
Maybe it is the red button animation?
I like my computer to be silent, the higher load causes the fan to speed up.
Can you fix/change this?

Please send the specs of your computer including CPU and Graphics.
You are right, the pulsing “reload button” consumes about 10% of Intel Graphics power on Intel UHD Graphics 620 with CPU Intel i5-8265U. Not well optimized.
Maybe you have use “Hardware Acceleration” deactivated in Firefox and Chromium?

I’m using an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U with Radeon Graphics (limited to 1400MHz).
The “Need Reload” uses about 30% of 1 core.
Without “Hardware Acceleration”, the CPU load is the same, but there is no temperature increase.
It is likely that the GPU load is causing the temperature to rise, not the CPU load.

I always have a lot of tabs open and the VitalPBX is the only one that uses a lot of resources.
Maybe you could let the web interface use a little less (graphical) resources?
A “Need Reload” button shouldn’t use noticeably more resources.