Music on Hold for Tenant

How can I set the default music on hold for a Tenant.
I only see the option of setting a default on the main PBX but not a Tenant.

As far as I know, you can only have one single MoH per Asterisk instance.

Ok. So where will we need the MOH option under the tenant?
If we cant change it? Or is it only for things like queues?

Music on hold can only be changed on the main PBX.
But is is displayed on the tenants as well, but this option isn’t doing anything…
Maybe handy to fix this…
Some of my clients want MoH en some don’t, and some want another one then an other client…

You can create your MoH under the tenants and then assign it wherever you want(Extensions, Queues, Dial Profiles, etc)

In the Tenant panel go to Settings > Voice Prompts > Music on Hold. You can add the music there and then assign it wherever you want.

If you can’t see this option under the tenant panel go to Admin on the main tenant and then go to Admin > User Profiles ( select Tenant Administrator) and add the permission there.

Hope this helps.


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